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Mobile Dispensary & OPD

Asmita Mobile Dispensary(Est. 2003) & Asmita OPD(Est. 2016)

Our Mobile Dispensary has provided medical checkups, basic medicine and preventive care since 2003 and we cover over 20 remote villages. A certified physician, registered assistant nurse & driver cum compounder provide these services. Over 12000 patients have taken advantage of these services.

Since 2013, with the long term funding help of Bhartiya Jubilant Foundation and a new mobile van with improved functionality from Hon. Collector Smt. Avantikaben Sing, we have improved our services and also opened anoutpatient department (O.P.D) in the village of Tralsa. The O.P.D will provide services such as: mobile X-rays, basic blood tests, intravenous infusion and more. The surrounding villages will significantly benefit from these services and the OPD will also help improve our divyang children’s health.

With the help from other generous donors, we are also providing MEDICAL CAMPS in nearby village to provide early detections of disease & improve their overall help with preventive care.

Hon. past Collector of Bharuch, Smt. Avantika Singh Aulakh, IAS has donated mobile van for mobile dispensary from her grant(2014)

Dr. Shoaib is checking patients in remote villages