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Residential School

Asmita Residential School for Divyang Mentally Challenged Children (Est. 2007, FREE)

Special Educators (teachers) and Divyang children's of ASMITA

In 2007,Asmita School was inaugurated by our Hon. MLA & past minister of state Adivasi, Shri Mansukhbhai Vasava(he has also helped us in various projects from his MLA funding) and Late Hon. Founder/Chairman of Mamta Mandir charitable trust, Shri Maheshbhai Kothari (who has guided us in the planning to establish Asmita School). This is a residential school(Totally free of cost) for divyang children with developmental disabilities.This is the only free residential school for these divyang children in the Bharuch district. The primary objective of the school is to provide developmentally disabled children a healthy and nurturing environment, where they can learn tangible skills to help contribute positively to society and feel like valued members of society. The school opened on May 27, 2007 and currently has 75 students enrolled from all over the state of Gujarat. Most of our divyang children come from socio-economically disadvantaged families with very poor or no knowledge about their disabilities. Projected operating costs for the school are approximately Rs. 150,000/- to Rs. 175,000/- per month.All school related services, including lodging, boarding, clothing, medicines etc. are free of charge.

The divyang children are admitted to classes (Group) based on their IQ level.

1. Primary I:

In this group more emphasis is given on ADL (Activities of Daily Living).

2. Primary II:

This group learns language, general knowledge, speech improvement, discipline, Punctuality and social behavior.

3. Secondary I:

This group learns numbers, letters, environment, reading, writing, etc.

4. Secondary II:

These classes consist of the same subjects as Secondary I but more in depth and include learning occupational skills.

5. Pre-Vocational:

This group learns multiple skills for vocational training, growth in intellect level, Counting money and other useful skills so that they may be able to perform Single or multiple task jobs for their future living.

Therapies in school :

Speech, play, music/Yoga therapies are provided in school.

Special Olympics:

Children take part in district, state and national Olympics which encourage and develop self-confidence plus physical and mental health. Many children have received awards at the district, state and national levels.

Our children participated in State & National Olympics, above children received GOLD , SILVER & BRONZE medals.

Extra Facilities:

CCTV cameras, internet, solar lights, RO filtered water, garden with play equipment and halls for cultural and recreational activities.

Parents Meetings & awareness program on Difficulties of mentally challenging children:

Parents regularly take part in these meetings and provide their views and give suggestions for improved development of their child’s education and living

Festival Celebrations:

We celebrate different religious and national events which help to provide a sense of diversity.

Kite festival

Festival Of Rakhi

Picnics & Educational Tours:

Usually we try to arrange two to three such programs per year in order to provide the children with a unique activity which offers education, entertainment and joy.

Cultural activities:

To develop various skills (like, recreational skill, motor development, balancing, eye-hand co-ordination etc…..) cultural activities plays important role.

Our children performed a dance during “SADBHAVNA MISSION” (2012) in front of our Hon. Past CM (Gujarat) Shri Narendrabhai Modi (presently PM of India).

Lodging & Boarding:

Caretaker mothers (Gruhmatas) take care of these children for 24 hours. Separate beds & cupboards are provided to each child. Purified R/O water, fresh milk & nutritional healthy foods are provided during Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. For fresh fruits & vegetables we have developed over 5 acres of land in nearby school area.

Girl’s residential hostel

Boy’s residential hostel

CLP Paguthan (Bharuch) provide nutritional afternoon’s breakfast to all children since 2009.