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Pankaj-Priyam Vocational Training Center

Pankaj-Priyam Vocational Training Center for Mentally Challenged Children (Est. 2015)

Along with the school education, we also provide them Prevocational Training for the age group of 14 to 18 years. These groups also undergo a transitional program, where the skills already learnt in the school are transformed into vocational activities.

Integration of the mentally challenged population into the mainstream of the society is the recent trend. Sincere efforts put in by the professionals and management of Asmita Vikas Kendra leads to conclusion that these children can be economically independent, either partially or fully, if trained properly. Thus, these individuals could live successful life by becoming independent in their personal, social & occupational life.

With the help of Dry Creek Charity, Utah, U.S.A, friends & families of Mr./Mrs. Govind Shah (U.S.A), Devjibhai Foundation, USA &ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Co., Ankleshwar, India), AVK started Pankaj-Priyam Vocational Training Centre for Mentally Challenged children on November, 25th 2015 with 15 children. (Late Pankajbhai&Gs. Priyamben (USA) are supporting our all activities from the beginning of our charitable work.)

The main objectives of this Centre are to develop work habits & positive attitudes for work with punctuality & sincerity. To improve skills to work in group setting with various instruments, task completion behavior and also to develop life survival & safety skills.

One special teacher with two assistant teachers are coordinating these learning activities.

1): File Making (soft & hard box) 2): Ball pen making & 3): Various scents incense making (Agarbatti)

Whenever we get more grants, we will expand this department with many more products.

Children with MILD (Mentally Challenged) effects could be successful in completing training after continuous proper training, while MODERATE children takes longer time to achieve similar goal. This is very highly challenging work, because unfortunately some of these children also are suffering from the associated problems like: epilepsy, hearing loss, Slanting eyes, hyper activities.