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Support & Funding

Support & Funding

Asmita Vikas Kendra and the Devjibhai Foundation are thankful for all of the support, including the generous financial donations provided by businesses, CSR funding from large companies, families &friends, for the operation of current projects. Without your support, we would not be able to provide services to help individuals in need. The majority of our funding comes from the following:

  • Grants from the state of Gujarat
  • CSR funding from various neighboring industries
  • Private individuals & businesses
  • Generous contributions from family and friends of the Patel Family; and
  • The Founder Family (Pravin Patel), which provides all deficits

We strive to provide transparency regarding our funding and would be happy to talk in more detail about the funding of any of our projects. If you have any questions regarding funding, or for information on how to donate to Asmita Vikas Kendra(INDIA) or to Devjibhai FoundationInc(USA), contact us: pdpatel16@gmail.com or namanppatel@gmail.com